Thank You for Requesting the
Shakeology Discount Code Password…

Please check your Inbox for an email from “Holly (and Jeff)”
with the Subject Line of:  “Your Shakeology Code”

(It may be in your Spam or Junk Folder.)

If for some reason you cannot find the email,
please use the form on the “Ask Me” page to contact me.


Read the email carefully to learn..

1.  How you can receive several different discounts on Shakeology without using a coupon or promo code (since they do not exist and Beachbody does not allow them.)

2.  How to receive $2.00 monthly shipping (since Beachbody no longer offers Shakeology Free Shipping.)

3.  How I will send you a Free Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Storage Canister.


If you need help, or have questions…just let me know!