Where to Buy Shakeology? Discount Coupon + FREE Shaker Bottle
Shakeology Discount Coupon

Shakeology Coach Discount

Discount Coaches…

–  Save a Ton of Money

–  Can Earn Referral Commissions

–  But are NEVER Required to
Buy or Sell Anything!

The Shakeology Coach Discounts & Benefits:
Shakeology Promo Code 2015

–  $2 Super Discount Shipping on Home Direct (HD) Shakeology Orders  (Instantly saving you $12 EVERY month.)

–  Save $16.54 on your first bag/box of Shakeology every month

– Save $32.49 on any additional bags/boxes of Shakeology each month

–  Sign-up through this website with a HD Shakeology order or a Challenge Pack and I will mail you a Free Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Storage Canister

–  Save 25% on ALL of your other Beachbody purchases

–  Earn money if you refer others to Shakeology or any Beachbody product.  Check out the numbers below on how much you can really make…

(If you do not want  to become a Beachbody Discount Coach, click here to still receive $2 Shipping + A Free Shaker or Canister.)

But if you plan on buying 1 or more bags of Shakeology monthly,
there are no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it…you definitely want
to become a Beachbody Coach for the discount.

And don’t worry, you will never be required to buy or sell anything!

Example of the Shakeology Coach Discount:

$129.95 (Retail Price)
– $32.49 (25% Coach Discount)
+ $15.95 (Monthly Coach Fee)
$113.41 for Shakeology with a Coach Membership

$97.46 for additional monthly orders of Shakeology
(Since your fees are already paid for the month!)

Example of a Shakeology Discount Coach’s EARNING Potential:

– Tell 1 person about Shakeology and you could earn $30 every month.
– 5 people and you could be making an extra $150 a month.
– 20 people = $600 a month!

What if over time you told 100 people?   That’s right…$3,000 a month!


BEFORE Clicking the Picture Below to Become
a Discount Beachbody Coach, Please Read this Carefully…

Become a Shakeology Challenge Pack Discount Coach  – To receive everything listed above, it MUST say, “Our records show your Coach will be Jeff (or Holly) Blochowitz” under Coach Referral at the very bottom of the first page of the application.

– You can have the $39.95 sign-up fee WAIVED by purchasing a Challenge Pack during the enrollment process. And after you become a Shakeology Discount Coach you can no longer buy Challenge Packs, so this is your only chance.  (Plus, Challenge Packs give you 30 days free of “Beachbody On Demand”, which is unlimited online access to hundreds of Beachbody workouts!)

– After joining, visit this page to request your Free Shaker Bottle or Canister!

become a shakeology discount coach

Discount Shakeology Coupon Code 2015


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Ask Me Anything About Shakeology

Shakeology Coupon Code 2015I am more than happy to answer
ANY & ALL of your questions.

Please Use the Form Below to Ask Me Anything…

For example:  Let me know which products you are interested in buying, and I will reply with the different options that are available to you.


* Indicates required fields

No one wants to spend more money than they have to, which is why…
I don’t blame you for looking for a 2015 Shakeology Coupon Code in the first place!

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 How Much Does Shakeology Cost  How Much Does Shakeology Cost?

Please see ALL of the details below,
but this is exactly how much Shakeology costs…

Shakeology Retail Cost:   $129.95
(When you purchase Shakeology on Monthly
Autoship online from this website, you receive
$2 Shipping + A Free Shaker or Canister from me!)

Shakeology Club Member Cost:

Shakeology Coach Membership Cost:

Two Ways to Reduce the Cost of Shakeology Instantly…

1. $2 Shipping on Shakeology and All Monthly Autoship Products

Shakeology Free Shipping is over, but you can still save up to $12 a month on shipping by simply buying Shakeology on Monthly Autoship and receiving $2 Shipping. Plus, if you buy Shakeology online from this website with the discount code I will mail you a Free Shaker or Storage Canister!  (You can cancel at anytime, so there is absolutley NO reason not to choose the autoship option and save some money.)

2. Beachbody Challenge Packs

You can recieve significant discounts on ALL Beachbody Fitness Programs (P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, Les Mills Pump, Tai Cheng, 10-MinuteTrainer, Body Gospel, Slim in 6, etc.) when you purchase them in a “Challenge Pack” which includes Shakeology on Home Direct and a Beachbody Club Membership.  This means you will have unlimited online access to over $2,100 worth of Beachbody workouts through “Beachbody On Demand”!   Plus, once again if you buy Shakeology through a Challenge pack on through me, you will receive $2 Shipping + a Free Hybrid Shaker Bottle or Canister

Save 10-25% with One of Beachbody’s Memberships…

1.  Save 10% on Shakeology and ALL Beachbody Products by Signing Up for a Club Membership

Club Membership Cost: Free for the First 30 Days & then $2.99 a Week  (Billed $38.87 Quarterly in Advance)

With a Club Membership you save $13 when you purchase Shakeology, plus you receive a 10% discount on any other Beachbody products you buy.   Again, with a Club Membership you have access to “Beachbody On Demand” giving you 24hr online access to hundreds of Beachbody workouts.

2. Save 25% on All Beachbody Products with a Coach Membership…

Cost: One time Fee of $39.95* and then $15.95 a Month

*Purchase Shakeology through a Beachbody Challenge Pack when becoming a Beachbody Coach, and the $39.95 fee is WAIVED

Shakeology costs $129.95 for customers, but for coaches its only $97.46. That’s a $32.50 discount every month and is the cheapest way to buy Shakeology – even with the monthly Coach Membership fee…

$129.95 (Retail Cost of Shakeology)
– $32.50 (25% Coach Discount)
+ $15.95 (Monthly Coach Fee)
$113.40 for Shakeology with a Coach Membership

So, with a Beachbody Coach Membership, you save $16.50 a Month on Shakeology; and if you purchase it on Home Direct (auto-ship) then you also receive $2 Shipping + a Free Shaker or Canister (if you buy from this website.)  Plus, if you choose to purchase any of Beachbody’s other products, you will save 25% on ALL of them as well.

So how much does Shakeology cost?
It depends, but there are several ways to save money!

If you have any questions about the cost of Shakeology, or anything else, please feel free to contact me.


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Short on time?  Or prefer to receive an email with everything in an easy to find format?

If so, please submit this form…

You’ll receive an email from me outlining:

–  How Shakeology Free Shipping is over, but how you can receive an even better deal from me when you purchase Shakeology online from this website:  $2 Shipping + 2 Free Premium Shakeology Shakers

–  Why and how to purchase Shakeology samples to ensure you chose the flavor (or flavors) you will enjoy drinking each and every day.

–  How you can receive a 30 day free trial to “Beachbody On Demand” which gives you 24hr (unlimited) online access to over 150 of Beachbody’s top selling workouts.

–  How to save 10% or 25% on ALL of your Beachbody purchases…including Shakeology.


Please let me know if you have any questions!

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Where to Buy Shakeology in Stores? $2 Shipping + 2 Free Shakers

Where to buy shakeology in storesDo You Know Where to
Buy Shakeology in Stores?

(Shakeology Free Shipping is over, but now you can receive $2 Shipping + 2 Free Shakers.  Plus you can try Shakeology Samples in all 6 Flavors!)

Yes, it is possible to buy Shakeology in stores, but the chances of finding a brick & mortar business that sells it aren’t good.   However, with Beachbody’s new Super Discount $2.00 Shipping, and my offer to mail you 2 Free Shakers…there is no reason for you to keep looking for Shakeology in a store.

But even with that said, you are probably still wondering…

Where Can I Buy Shakeology in Stores?

The only stores that sell Shakeology are those that are privately owned and operated by an Independent Team Beachbody Coach.   Examples would be privately owned gyms, salons, etc.    Sorry, you cannot buy Shakeology at Walmart, or any other chain store.

The good news is, even though you have to buy Shakeology online, or directly from a Coach, Beachbody only charges $2.00 for shipping when you choose the Monthly Autoship option vs the normal shipping rate of $10-12 that it will cost you if you place a one-time order.

Plus, when you choose Monthly Autoship…I will personally mail you 2 Free Shakers!

You can cancel at anytime (with one phone call) so you might as well save money and take the free gifts.   Plus, I almost guarantee you won’t want to stop drinking it once you see how great it makes you feel.   And speaking of saving money…Beachbody also has several ways you can save 10-25% when you buy Shakeology…or any other product.

To Learn Where to Buy Shakeology to Receive…
2 Free Shakers + $2.00 Shipping, as well as,
how to save 10-25% please submit the form above!


So that’s the good, and bad, news about where you can buy Shakeology in stores.   But don’t forget that just because there is no longer free shipping on Shakeology, I have an even better offer for you!   If you have any questions, please let me know!    And remember…I highly recommend you try Shakeology samples first.


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