Where to Buy Shakeology? Discount Coupon + FREE Shaker Bottle
Shakeology Discount Coupon

Buy Shakeology to Consume Low Glycemic Super Foods

Foods low on the Glycemic Index are wonderful for the body & aid in weight loss.

Buy Shakeology Here to Receive:
$2 Shipping + 2 Free Premium Shakers

If you need another reason to buy Shakeology and drink it daily,
here it is:
  It has a 24 Glycemic Index (GI) Rating!

High-GI Foods (above 70) trigger a rapid rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, which:

• Allows the body to store fat
• Is the cause of hunger pangs and never feeling full
• Cause a sugar rush and then crash
• Can eventually lead to high blood pressure, fluid retention, and even diabetes

Low-GI Foods (under 55) even out blood sugar and insulin levels, which:

• Increases the amount of glycogen, the hormone responsible for the burning of body fat
• Helps you feel full and satisfied longer
• Can balance your mood
• Can eventually reduce the risk of heart disease, helps control or prevent diabetes, and even positively affects the aging process.

So when you buy Shakeology, you are buying a meal replacement that actually has a lower Glycemic Index than almost all fruits, many vegetables, and of course all of the nasty processed foods!

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p90x couponBeachbody Does Not Allow Coupon
or Promo Codes for P90X

Below You Will Find:

3 P90X Discount Options
+  Recieve 2 Free Shakeology Shakers

What is P90X?

P90X is a fitness program that brings extreme results in only 90 days thanks to the science of Muscle Confusion™.  Each workout is designed to continually challenge the muscles of your body with new and changing moves.   You will never have to worry about reaching a plateau, because just when you think you might…everything changes…allowing you to get in great shape in much less time.

Is there a P90X Coupon or Promo Code?

Beachbody does not offer or allow Beachbody Coaches to use P90X Coupon or Promo Codes, just like they do not allow the use of a Shakeology Coupon Code.   But thankfully you don’t need one…in order to save money and receive freebies from me!

Can You Buy P90x in Stores?

“Where can I buy P90X in a store?” is a question I am ofter asked, and unfortunately the answer is:  You can’t, P90X is only sold directly though Beachbody and Team Beachbody Coaches.   However, I will show you 3 ways you can save money on P90X (+ receive 2 Free Shakers if you choose a Challenge Pack.)

Where Can You Buy P90X?

Well…if you like discounts and free gifts then you can buy P90X online from this website…and no you still won’t need a coupon or promo code.   The only other options are to buy it directly from Beachbody (and be randomly assigned a Coach), or buy it from one of the other thousands of Team Beachbody Coaches who are ready and willing to help you.


Watch a Video or Buy P90X Now

where to buy p90x in stores


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.    I will be happy to help you find the best deal…so you never pay more than you need to.

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Shaun T Insanity Coupon

2 Free Shaker Bottles + 10-25% Discount:
Beachbody does not offer or allow Coupon
or Promo Codes for Insanity by Shaun T.

You can save 25% or more from this website.

I’ll give you 2 Free Shakers with a Challenge Pack Order

What is Insanity?

It just may be the most difficult fitness program ever put on DVD.   It will teach you to push through your limits to create a lean and hard body in only 60 days.

What Comes with Insanity?

10 Insane Workouts:
Dig Deeper & Fit Test, Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Cardio Power & Resistance, Cardio Recovery, Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, Core Cardio & Balance, Max Interval Circuit & Fit Test, Max Interval Plyo, Max Cardio Conditioning & Cardio Abs, and Max Recovery

4  Gifts:
Elite Nutrition Plan, Fitness Guide, Insanity Calendar, Online Support Tools

Bonuses for Buying from this Website:
Fast and Furious DVD, 2 Free Shaker Bottles with an Insanity Challenge Pack

Are there Coupons or Promo Codes for Insanity?

No, Beachbody does not offer, or allow, coupons or promo codes for Shaun T’s Insanity, but they do allow me to give you a 10% or 25% discount, as well as, the option to save even more by purchasing a Challenge Pack.    Plus, with a Challenge Pack not only do you save the most amount of money, but I will send you 2 Free Shakeology Shakers!

Where do I Buy Shaun T’s Insanity?

Sorry, you cannot buy Insanity in stores.   You can only buy it directly from Beachbody, or from an Independent Beachbody Coach.   So if you want the absolute best deal, without needing a Shaun T’s Insanity Coupon, use the links below…

Learn More, Watch a Video, or Buy Insanity

Learn How You Can Save 10-25% on Insanity
without Needing a Beachbody Coupon

If you have any questions, please contact me!

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2015 Shakeology Free Shipping Coupon CodeShakeology Coupon Code 2015?

$2 Shipping
+ 2 Free Shakers

Websites offering 2015 Coupon Codes for Shakeology
are misleading, since Beachbody does not allow them.

But here you can save money and receive free gifts!

– – –


what is 3 day refreshWhat is the 3 Day Refresh?

The 3-Day Refresh, is a short and simple
cleanse that consists of eating clean and
nutritional food, along with healthy protein
shakes, Shakeology, and fiber for 3 days.


What comes with the 3 Day Refresh?

–   With or without 3 individual servings of Shakeology
–    6 individual servings of Vanilla Fresh
–   3 packets of Fiber Sweep
– 1 Program Guide


Is there a 3 Day Refresh Coupon or 3 Day Refresh Promo Code?

No.  Not only does Beachbody does not offer Shakeology Coupon or Promo Codes, they do not allow coupons or promo codes of any kind.  However they do offer 3 different ways to save money (10-45%) on everything you buy.  See Options 2-4 here to learn how you can buy 3 Day Refresh at a discount.

Plus…I will mail you 2 free Shakers when you buy any Challenge Pack!


Where do I buy the 3 Day Refresh online?

Right here of course, and if you purchase the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack I will also mail you two free Shakeology Shaker Bottles!

Buy 3 Day Refresh

Buy the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack


If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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Need a Shakeology Coupon or Shakeology Promo Code?

Shakeology Coupon Code Offers

From this website you can receive 2 Free Shaker Bottles & Save 10%, 25%, or even more without using a Shakeology Coupon or Promo Code (since they don’t exist.)

If you’re like me, you don’t buy anything online without a coupon or promo code, or at least searching for one first.  And why not, if a company is going to allow me to save money, I will take advantage of it!  Well with Beachbody there’s good news & bad…

Beachbody does not offer, or allow, any type of Shakeology Coupon.  But don’t worry…you don’t need a Promo Code to save money or receive 2 Free Gifts!

In other words, you have come to the right place.   Not only will I show you the best (and only) ways to save money when you buy Shakeology online, but I will give you 2 Free Shakers!  Learn About Me 

So how can you receive the “2 Free Shakers” without a Shakeology Promo Code?

It’s simple, I mail a FREE Premium Shakeology Shaker Cup -AND- a FREE Premium Shakeology Hybrid Shaker Bottle to everyone who purchases Shakeology on Monthly Autoship from me. 

Next, here’s an outline of how to save money without using a Shakeology Coupon:

1.  Anytime you buy Shakeology on “Monthly Autoship”, you instantly save $10-15 because Beachbody will give you their $2 Super Discount Shipping.

2.  Team Beachbody Club Members save 10% on all Beachbody products – including Shakeology.

3.  Team Beachbody Coaches save 25% on all Beachbody products – including Shakeology.

I hope this simplifies things for you.  Now all you need to do, is decided which option is best for you!


Click Here to Review Each of the 4
“No Shakeology Coupon Needed”
Options in More Detail…

Why you don't need a Shakeology Promo Code

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