Shakeology, Where to Buy it
without a Coupon or Promo Code to
Save 10-25% +  2 Free Shaker Bottles

Figuring out where to buy Shakeology, and at the best price without a coupon, can be confusing…but the info. below will simplify it for you!


Shakeology, Where Can You Buy it?

There are only two places…

1.  Directly from Beachbody:   Once you make your purchase, either by calling Beachbody directly, or from one of their many websites, you are randomly assigned a free Team Beachbody Coach.

2.  Directly from an Independent Team Beachbody Coach:   If you are going to buy Shakeology, you might as well choose your own Coach and take advantage of the bonuses I offer.   For example, I will mail you 2 Free Shaker Bottles just for placing your monthly autoship order through me!  Beachbody does not offer Shakeology Coupons or Promo Codes, but I am authorized to give you the exact same discounts they offer…

So why not take the freebies!!!


Shakeology, Where to Buy it in Stores:

The only way to buy Shakeology in a store, is if you know a Beachbody Coach who owns their own brick-and-motar business.


Shakeology, Where to Buy it at a Discount?

Right here from me of course, and yes Beachbody does allow you to buy it from me at a discount price.   In fact, when you buy Shakeology on monthly autoship you automatically receive Super Discount Shipping for only $2 a month.  That right there will save you around $10!    But…Beachbody also allows me to offer you a 10% or 25% discount, and the ability to save even more money through a Challenge Pack (where you can receive one of Beachbody’s top selling fitness programs for less than $20!)


I hope this clears up “where to buy shakeology.”

Now, click below to view the 4 options available and to learn
how you can receive 2 Free Shakeology Shakers Cups from me!

Where to Buy Shakeology Coupons

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