Purchase Shakeology Samples

The 7 Day Shakeology Sampler Comes with 1 Packet
of EVERY Flavor, Vegan and Non-Vegan.

Trying Shakeology Samples
is Vitally Important 

So Read this Carefully…

If you are going to drink Shakeology every day, you will want to make sure you are drinking the flavor (or flavors) that you LOVE!

The “7 Day Shakeology Sample Pack”
is the ONLY way you can do that. 

Here’s why…

In the past I would mail free Shakeology samples to people interested in trying it before buying it.  However, I quickly learned I was NOT doing them a favor.


Because the Shakeology samples I sent out, were always of the flavor they THOUGHT they would like.  Therefore, if they didn’t like it…they assumed they didn’t like Shakeology.  But that was NOT the case at all!

All 7 flavors have a completely different taste and texture…so after trying several of the other flavors they would almost always find one they loved.

Shakeology Coupon Sample

Includes 2 Vegan Chocolate and 2 Vegan Tropical Strawberry

For example…

I hate fruit punch flavored anything!

So naturally when Jeff and I first decided to purchase Shakeology we started with Greenberry and Chocolate…and avoided the Tropical (which I automatically associated with fruit punch.)   He loved the chocolate, and I preferred the Greenberry (but didn’t love it.)   Years later I was given the opportunity to try Shakeology Samples of the Vegan Tropical Strawberry flavor…and I loved it!

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tried it sooner.  Finding the right flavor for me made drinking Shakeology so much more enjoyable.

In fact, I went from tolerating Shakeology (because of how it made me feel,
and the Superfoods it gave my body) to LOVING & CRAVING THE TASTE OF IT
…all by changing the flavor I was drinking! 

So, needless to say…

I was excited when Beachbody came up with the Shakeology Sample Packs, they are a great way for people to try all of the Shakeology flavors!

Shakeology Samples Buy Now

Click the picture above for the “7 Day Shakeology Sample Pack” 
(and to try EVERY flavor of Shakeology that is offered.)
Or…Click here if you prefer to try the Vegan Only Sampler Pack

Important Notes about Trying Shakeology Samples:

–  In order to receive the Free Hybrid Shaker or Canister (when you purchase Shakeology on Monthly Autoship in the future) it MUST say, “Yes, I want Do This Today, LLC to be my Coach” at the very bottom of  the “checkout page” when you purchase your Shakeology Sample Pack.

–  Once you find your favorite flavor, and you are ready to purchase Shakeology, you will need to follow the instructions on this page in order to receive $2 Shipping + A Free Shaker or Canister.  I recommend you bookmark this page to your favorites,  write down www.2FreeShakers.com, or submit the form above so you can easily return…because this is a much better offer than only Shakeology Free Shipping!

If you have questions…please let me know!

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