2015 Shakeology Free Shipping Coupon CodeShakeology Coupon Code 2015?

$2 Shipping
+ 2 Free Shakers

Websites offering 2015 Coupon Codes for Shakeology
are misleading, since Beachbody does not allow them.

But here you can save money and receive free gifts!

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what is 3 day refreshWhat is the 3 Day Refresh?

The 3-Day Refresh, is a short and simple
cleanse that consists of eating clean and
nutritional food, along with healthy protein
shakes, Shakeology, and fiber for 3 days.


What comes with the 3 Day Refresh?

–   With or without 3 individual servings of Shakeology
–    6 individual servings of Vanilla Fresh
–   3 packets of Fiber Sweep
– 1 Program Guide


Is there a 3 Day Refresh Coupon or 3 Day Refresh Promo Code?

No.  Not only does Beachbody does not offer Shakeology Coupon or Promo Codes, they do not allow coupons or promo codes of any kind.  However they do offer 3 different ways to save money (10-45%) on everything you buy.  See Options 2-4 here to learn how you can buy 3 Day Refresh at a discount.

Plus…I will mail you 2 free Shakers when you buy any Challenge Pack!


Where do I buy the 3 Day Refresh online?

Right here of course, and if you purchase the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack I will also mail you two free Shakeology Shaker Bottles!

Buy 3 Day Refresh

Buy the 3 Day Refresh Challenge Pack


If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact me anytime.

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